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Ten Yad Chinese Auction
In Tribute to Chana
Words are a poor vehicle to convey the unbearable pain that breaks one’s heart. Yet, at her recent shloshim, many of Chana’s dear friends and family did the best they could to describe their treasured daughter, wife, granddaughter, cousin, friend, student, classmate.
Chana, they shared, was the essence of beauty. Blessed with a real “touch of class,” she reflected grace, elegance and eidelkeit. She carried herself in royal manner and embodied strength of character. Always a true chassid, she was known for her humility and her heart of gold. A doctor of hers shared that Chana had a gift for caring about other people that few of us will ever know. Indeed, she didn’t just give of herself, she gave her entire self. As a counselor in summer camps around the world, people were affected by her charming and gentle personality wherever she went. Children just loved her. A relative wrote: Chana was a thoroughly good person — the kind of person Hashem sends us in His goodness.
Chana got engaged on her 21st birthday and remarked that it was the best birthday present she ever had. A little over a month before the wedding, she was diagnosed with a terrible illness. She astonished everyone with her genuine positive outlook and lived through intense hardship and suffering with the motto “Tracht gut vet zein gut.” She emphasized that everything happens for a reason and that all we needed to do was pray and do good deeds. One friend remarked that there was not a single dark star in her sky. Her faith was truly exceptional.
Ironically, on Yud Tammuz 5768, her levaya passed by 770, Lubavitch World Headquarters, the same location as her wedding. She had just begun to build an everlasting Jewish edifice together with her dedicated husband Shmuli. Hashem had other plans.
Her wedding was the highlight and greatest joy of her life. Indeed, it was her being a kallah, a kallah no’eh v’chasudah, that aroused the compassion and achdus of Klal Yisroel as Jews the world over prayed for her refuah. How appropriate that this year’s Ten Yad Hachnosas Kallah Auction is being dedicated in her name.
May it be in her zechus that the Al-mighty finally wipes away all tears and abolishes death forever in the Ultimate Redemption with Moshiach.