Chana was a Kallah and a newlywed when she faced her life's toughest challenge. Chana will forever be remembered as a Kallah Na'ah Va'Chassuda – a bride of beauty, grace, and modesty.

What better way to preserve Chana's memory, than by extending her special touch to other Kallahs as they experience this most important moment of their lives? In Chana's honor, a luxurious new bridal suite is being built and dedicated at the Crown Heights Mikvah.

Become a partner in beautifying the Mitzvah of Taharas HaMishpacha in the Rebbe's neighborhood.

By contributing to this endeavor, you will enable us to strengthen this essential foundation of our nation and our community.

Bezras Hashem we will make every Kallah entering the Chana (Raskin) Wolvovsky Bridal Suite feel like a true princess, as she merits to embark on her extraordinary mitzvah, amidst elegance, luxury & majesty. We will (bli neder) proudly present every Kallah with a unique Kallah gift with Chana’s Touch.


Contributing towards the building of a Mikvah is a well known Segulah for Shidduchim, Sholom Bayis, and Bracha in the home.

Contributing towards a Mikvah in the Rebbe's neighborhood is sure to bring Brachos & Yeshuos to one's entire family.


Please become a partner in this great endeavor.

Construction is set to begin in the next few weeks IY"H.


We are counting on your donation at this time to

build the beautiful Kallah Room L'zchus Chana.


Your funds NOW will bring Chana's Touch into reality.


To contribute, click here

or mail a check to: Chana's Touch
383 Kingston Ave #163 · Brooklyn, NY 11213


With your help, Chana and her special touch will be forever remembered.